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Our SaaS solutions fit in where out-dated IT systems do not provide the coverage or functionality to support today's business process requirements. Supported are discrete and batch manufacturing processes. factoryworkx is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).


robmax supports the optimization of robotic systems and production cells, including material flow and logistics planning:

  • Real-time process data is merged and analyzed intelligent in order to plan the flow of material and the use of resources more efficiently
  • In all phases of the process lifecycle the capturing detail disorders in addition to the SPS combined fault can be effected by a targeted monitoring

From the acquisition of real-time data, the selection, to the implementation of the optimization measures - everything from one source.

Capture all quality data directly on the shop floor in real-time:

  • process or quality data is captured at each critical process step within the value stream
  • solution supports handheld scanners and Android mobile devices

Quality performance information from shop floor to top floor in real-time for improved operational visibility and decision making.

Track and trace material in real-time:

  • comprehensive trackability and traceability features allow to monitor individual containers and/or pieces as they flow through the manufacturing process and the entire supply chain
  • solution supports handheld scanners and Android mobile devices

Verify the history, location, or application of an item by means of documented recorded identification anytime and anywhere.

Supply chain visibility allows tracking WIP, components or finished products up- and downstream the supply chain:

  • connects demand and supply 
  • real-time visibility to customer demand (by manual entry, file upload or EDI integration)
  • improved business metric monitoring enables optimized production scheduling, logistics and transportation efficiency

With factoryworkx supply chain visibility businesses can respond promptly to exceptions like production bottlenecks, supply shortage of components or changed demand.

Simulation and optimization in self-service by subject matter experts without specific simulation tool knowledge:

  • stochastic and discrete process simulations, which reflect the complexity and dynamics of processes realistically, eliminate the limits of a purely static spreadsheet based analysis.
  • process and material flow simulations allow a high level of transparency before processes are established, as cause-effect relationships are clearly shown virtually by different simulation scenarios.

There is no investment in infrastructure or licenses required. You pay a usage-based fee as you go for simulations experiments conducted.

factoryworkx EDI is a fully managed cloud-based data bridge combining highest level of integration to deliver mission critical data in real-time:

  • supports all communication protocols like SFTP, FTPS, OPFT2 
  • Fully managed solution for X12, VDA, EDIFACT message translation
  • Sequencing monitor to look up production sequence (automotive)
You can be sure your data is secure, consistent and governed.

Monitor and control any process and system in real-time:

  • process information is captured at each critical process step or operation within the value stream
  • solution supports sensors, actuators and application interfaces

Process performance information from shop floor to top floor in real-time for improved operational visibility, decision making and performance.

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